Star Wars: Remnant (2016)

Corellian Interlude

Navik locates a Lambda class shuttle, a YT-2000, and a spec’ed out RA-7 droid at a junkyard owned by a Corellian man named Prendo.

On the way into Corellian space, the group intended to drop one of the red Sith bodies to further the Red Sith Conspiracy, but thanks to a botched piloting attempt on Caiden’s part, a mid-air collision over the spaceport resulted in a change of plans.

Everything at the junkyard checked out, and Prendo is working on refitting and repairing the Korsilon – new hyperdrive, additional cannons, improved atmospheric flight capabilities, and remounted and repaired shields.

While en route, the crew spotted a ship hovering in the distance, which turned out to be Spider’s Mantis craft. Spider met them at the edge of the junkyard, and informed them that after their last encounter’s reports had been filed, he had been personally contacted by Kir Kanos, one of the heads of the Crimson Empire, and was asked to find the Korsilon and its captain.

With what appears to be the Crimson Empire in pursuit, creating a certain heir of confusion among the crew and Spider as well as Spider’s mysterious partner. They flee to a jump point outside of orbit to the assigned coordinates Spider gives them, aboard the new YT-2000, and jump to hyperspace.



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