Star Wars: Remnant (2016)

The Jedi Reconvene

Returning to base for the first time since the trip to Arkania, the crew relays the new information to Kobo regarding the bounty hunter, the Doctor on Arkania, and the Holocron and Null.

Additionally, several important decisions are made regarding the Jedi – a plan is made to establish a junking business, to fund the council independently, which will be fronted by a droid and operated under legitimate trade law.

Navik finishes the Abyssan DNA project, and Caiden, Bulmar, and Lav all put their DNA on file for extrapolation after the initial phase. Navik successfully regenerated his arm, but his DNA has been permanently altered.

The group found out that Gny Sgt. Nicolai Marwood, the resistance artillery lead from the Battle of New Ghazari, was executed after being taken prisoner – a follow up from the request Ithano had made to rescue him. Ithano’s whereabouts are currently unknown.



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